Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One Year Later...

One year ago today I captured this beautiful moment at the Provo Temple. That moment held great significance for me then and it does even more so today. At a time when I needed to know that there was hope, Heavenly Father sent me this beautiful answer and assurance of his love. There is hope! There are good things to come! Dark and ominous clouds led me to the temple that day...I thought they were beautiful and wanted to capture them on film. Those dark clouds lead to a sudden rainstorm. It was only after the darkness and rain that this beautiful sight appeared. Not only were there two rainbows but two mourning doves flew by, a symbol rich with meaning. It was an answer to my prayers and a parable for life and it's many ups and downs. God hears and answers prayers. Sometimes we must face adversity before the blessings come. I know that to be a fact.
Several years ago I wrote and recorded a song with the following phrase, "I took a step out of the darkness and into His marvelous light, I know I'm where I should be now, cause this just feels so right." I am truly grateful to appreciate those words more fully in my life at this time. The Lord has blessed me with so much beauty and happiness.
With hope,

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Shanon said...

You have a beautiful soul, Lynley! Thank you for always making me feel hope. I love you!