Monday, November 1, 2010

It was a Happy Halloween

It was a Happy Halloween at the Johnson home! We carved pumpkins, had a little party with friends, and I even managed to squeeze in a little time for crafting! The candy corn banner still needs a little embellishing, but one can only do so much, right?! The not so spooky, yet totally adorable silhouettes were made for us as a wedding gift by the fabulously talented Whitney Blake.

Turns out we are kind of nerds, because we not only bought a bee costume for Dolly, but we also coordinated outfits with her. Danny was the bee-keeper and I was the honey. Well I tried hard. As you can see from the rather embarrassing photo, Danny and Dolly looked the part... mine was a bit of a stretch. Mauri, who dressed as a little flower, giggled and giggled when she saw Dolly. She kept chasing her around the room saying, "Doll Doll's a buzz!"

Ready or not it's November now and I'm super excited to welcome in the holiday season. Lots of good things ahead! Can't wait to share!

With Love, L

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