Monday, December 20, 2010

Home for the Holidays

To my dearest Danny, who is staying home for a plain old traditional Utah Christmas, and missing out on his annual trip to Mexico. Gosh, one of the hardest things about marriage is adapting to each others traditions. This year is a Dowdle year, so we will be home for Christmas. While I love the beach, I must say there is nowhere I'd rather be than home for the holidays. I just hope that he'll feel at home too. I know it must be hard to know that he is missing out on the things that make it Christmas for he and his family. I hope it will be a great first Christmas together for both of us. I hope he isn't too homesick for his home away from home where the palm trees sway. I have a few things up my sleeve to try and bring a little Mexico to Utah this week. Thought a glimpse of our honeymoon in Mazatlan would bring a smile to his face today.

With Love,

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