Friday, December 10, 2010

A little cheering up

Today I'm pretty much immobile. I get terrible muscle spasms that attack the right side of my body on a frequent basis. I've come to the conclusion that Dr's are useless in determining why such bizarre things happen to me. Paying to have a doctor shake his head and say "Hmmm, I just don't know what to tell you" has become far too expensive. For the most part I've laid here on the couch today feeling rather frustrated and wondering what more I can do to be healthy again. There are so many good things I want I to do but feel limited energy and strength. I hope I can rise up to meet the challenges of my new calling as young women president despite these little set-backs.

Alas, I needed to smile this afternoon so it was time to look at my pictures. This sweet photo cheered me right up. Mauri fast asleep in my lap, snoring. Her best friend Dolly quite concerned. Dolly kept getting right in her face and tuning to look at me to see if I was worried too. She's a sensitive little puppy, just what I didn't know I needed so much. I'm so grateful to be an aunt and to have such a special relationship with Mauri. These two are good medicine, they give me a chance to nurture and love. I'm blessed.

With hope,

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Whitney said...

Aw Lynley! I'm sorry you are not feeling well! Darn it. I am sending good thoughts your way :)