Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Love It!

You know how I was daydreaming of bicycling about the streets of Paris just the other day? We've transformed our living room into something right out of my dreams. I'm so excited to share our decorating goodness with you today! I've been designing this wall in my mind for months. Finally with Danny's expert handyman skills we made it happen!

I love the vintage teal window pane!! Several months ago Danny went to the ghetto to purchase a bunch of fabulous old window panes for me. It was an act of true love and bravery! To mat the salt and pepper ring photo, we simply purchased a piece of foam board and covered it with some fabric I had in my stash.  Seriously, the photos, the colors, the touches of Paris...Je l'aime! (translation: I love it!)

We still need to finish it off by adding a little touch to the middle of the pink embroidery hoop with the fabric inside. I have my eye on something, but it needs to go on sale first;)



Whitney said...

I love it too! I recognize some of those pieces :). I still think we need to open a boutique someday. We would have so much fun decorating it! Well done, my friend. I especially love that you used the teal and red together. It is an unexpected color combination, but it looks so good!

Give Stephanie a hug for me! It is hard to lose our little companions who we loved so much and took care of for so long. They certainly have a way of working their way into our hearts don't they? I also believe we'll see them again. My dad told me that when our doggie died, and he is never wrong.

Tessa said...

I love that wall! Can you come decorate my new house? Haha. I love the colors:)