Friday, January 28, 2011

Studio 5 Contest

Any of you wondering what my little project was that I mentioned yesterday? A local morning show called Studio 5 is hosting a contest!! The rules: create a home decor or craft item for under $5. When I heard about this little contest I knew I could pull off something fabulous, fresh, and creative. I wanted to make a real statement piece, something you might pay beaucoup bucks for at Anthropologie. I'd like to point out that I came in well under $5 with a total cost of $3.49!

Allow me to introduce you to my custom organic chandelier. Why not bring that outside summer evening feeling indoors this winter!! I love the romantic and rustic appeal of my little DIY lighting feature.

Of course I've seen mason jar lanterns hung outside in warmer weather, but in my mind I could picture the most magical indoor table-setting with my custom chandelier hung above. Picture it with me! A gorgeous table-scape with vintage linens, candelabras, glassware, fresh flowers, and dancing glowing light shimmering above. I love the ambiance of a candlelight spread.

Oh, in case your interested, here's the cost breakdown:
Mason Jars: 6 @.25 cents each at DI 
Craft Wire: .99 cents at Harbor Freight
Votive Candles: $1.00
Branch: free
Ribbon: allowed one item on hand
Total Cost: $3.49

I'm really hoping to be a finalist in the contest. I'll let you know next week. If I get to be a finalist, I'd love your vote!!

Hope you like my little creation. It makes me HAPPY!

With Hope,


Whitney said...

I LOVE IT! Lynley! Seriously, I am in awe. You definitely have my vote.

Whitney said...

p.s. I have those same little white birds!

Becky said...

It turned out great! I hope you hear good news from them.