Monday, March 28, 2011

Acres of Diamonds

I sat outside pondering this morning and noticed the simple beauty of the pavement after rain. The sun was shining on a small puddle and the wet rocks simply sparkled. I thought of the talk Acres of Diamonds, by Elder Vaughn J Featherstone. The story depicts a man who set off on a journey, away from home and family, and spent his whole life in search of wealth and prosperity. Ironically, in the end the richest diamond mine in the history of all the world was in his own backyard. My thoughts have been very much focused on home and family of late, and while I have at times been swept away with grand ideas and the allures of the world, I know what really matters most. "No success can compensate for failure in the home." President David O McKay

I could write about a dozen different things today. So much has been on my mind.

1. I could write about how truly wonderful the General Young Women meeting was, and how I cried from the moment it began till the closing prayer. How I needed to hear everything said, and how I longed for all of my girls to be there with me.

2. I could write about how my Danny was out of town last week and I was reminded just how much I love him and need him in my life... and how he placed a bag from H&M out in the open this morning and told me not to peek all day long. I promised!

3. I could write about how seriously Dolly took Danny's instruction to care for me while he was gone. She was quite the over-protective little companion, and I was grateful for her company.

4. I could write about how my dear sister Jeni baked cookies for me to take to the young women meeting, so I wouldn't get sick.... and how the next day my dear sister Stephanie sent me some beautiful GF cookies to enjoy... and how blessed I am to have such great sisters.

5. I could write about how happy and yet undeniably sad I am to see my siblings heading so many different directions in the coming months. For so many years we longed for progression, and now that it's coming at rapid speed, I wish I could pause time just a little and keep everyone close by a bit longer.

6. I could write about how I had a fun idea to either incorporate into this blog, or create a whole new blog itself... and how I couldn't sleep earlier last week because I was so excited about it.

7. I could write about how I couldn't sleep over the weekend because I began seriously contemplating if I even wanted to continue this blog, let alone start a new one... and how I really don't know the answer.

8. I could write about what defines success... and how my dear Whitney wisely told me there is a grave difference between being successful and being well-known.

9. I could write about my observations of many "successful" people, and my quest for authenticity and meaning in the life I lead, and the work I do.

10. I could write about how I have seen the hand of the Lord in my life so much lately... and how I don't know what I'm supposed to do with my time and talents, but he does.

11. I could write about how I've recently had the opportunity to play piano and sing songs for disabled children in a nearby care facility... and about how their little spirits are so pure and tender. How good it feels to use my talents to make their days a little brighter.

12. I could write about how my little niece Mauri says "I love you," and all of my worries fall away.

I could write about a dozen different things today, and I guess I've gone and done just that.

Seeking to more fully notice and appreciate the acres of diamonds right in my own little world today.

With Hope,

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Whitney said...

Beautiful words Lynley. I have thought a lot about our conversation and about our place in the world. We will figure this out! I sure love you!