Thursday, April 7, 2011

Vintage Fire Extinguisher

My Danny knows me SO well! If it's old and random, I LOVE it! He found this little beauty while cleaning his grandma's farmhouse. It's an antique copper fire extinguisher... which you probably can't really tell from the cropped photos. Sorry about that... they were the most interesting shots.

My family has learned if it's going to the thrift store, they might as well show me first... before I go there and buy it;) Thanks team!

Not sure how I want to display our newest treasure just yet, but I know it will be a great little addition to our evolving decor. It matches our living room color scheme quite nicely!

I am also in love with the vintage tag... so distressed and worn. It's the kind of thing scrapbookers like me LIVE for. (Perhaps a little over the top, I know... but I really do love it!!)

Thanks Danny and Grandma Johnson!

With Love,

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