Thursday, May 26, 2011

Down on the Farm

Saturday I spent most of the day over at Danny's grandma's farm. We hosted a little Girls Camp activity on the farm in the afternoon and enjoyed a family BBQ there that night. It was so lovely! After endless weeks of rain, it was a perfectly beautiful spring day! I even saw three deer scampering about in the meadows.

I must say, I just love that first photo of my little nephew Eddie with his hand on his Daddy's back... and the one with the sun setting behind my neice Audrey is just magical! She loves to pose for the camera and I certainly don't mind! Capturing moments like these is why I love photography and scrapbooking! Oh yes I do!

The evening light down by the lake is absolutely stunning! I'd LOVE to take more photos there, so let me know if you are up for a little photoshoot down on the farm! I'm telling you... it's a PRIME location for amazing shots!

With Love,

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