Saturday, May 14, 2011

Miss Mauri

Mauri is going to be a big sister any day now! We're all excited to meet baby Lincoln! I know it will be a bit of a transition for miss Mauri, but if the way she cares for her little baby dolls is an indicator of things to come, she's going to be a wonderful big sister. She's such a tender and loving little girl. When we went to the farm she needed to bring her dolly, Baby Addy, along for the adventure. She made sure her little dolly could have a closer look at the piggies and ponies, and also helped her bend down to stop and smell the flowers. She has a beautiful heart.

Mauri's love extends far beyond even her most her favorite toys. A few weeks ago, when Danny was out of town for our 1st anniversary, I spent the afternoon with her. I guess I was looking a bit down, because she looked up at me with such loving eyes and said, "My Lynley sad?" I told her I was missing Danny but that I was happy to spend my day with her. She looked around, grabbed a book, and snuggled up next to me. With such tenderness she smiled and said, "Want to read Mauri's book?"  We began reading together and she stopped to look at me again. "Lynley still sad." She thought for a moment, reached out her arms and said, "Wanna dance?" I swept her up in my arms, and we danced until my heart had no room for sadness.

Baby Addy is one lucky little dolly, Baby Lincoln is going to be one lucky little brother, and Lynley is one lucky little auntie.

I love her more than words can say.

With Love,

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