Friday, June 24, 2011

I See Things...

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Sometimes I see things other people miss, like the little dragonfly hiding in the branches above. On my birthday I spotted this happy dragonfly, a beautiful yellow butterfly, a snake (could have done without him) and two happy deer in an orchard. It was a GREAT day full of tender mercies just for me! I love the world around me and always feel the love of my Heavenly Father when I seek to see the beauty in His creations. The following quotes come from a great little article about discovering nature. Check it out for yourself!

 "...In the course of growing up we tend to acquire a worldly sophistication that dampens this enthusiastic sense of wonder about nearly everything. Cultivating wonder about nature heightens our appreciation of all creation and begins to break down our artificial distinction between things temporal and spiritual... (See D&C 29:34–35.)"

"...Teach your eyes, for example, to see, not just to look. Become alert for movement, large and small, in the grass, in the sky, at the borders of your vision. Look for colors that differ from their surroundings and for subtle changes and mixtures of hue. (There must be a hundred shades of green or brown in any summery scene). Look for shapes that seemingly don’t belong—a bird-shape or pine cone amid the fine branchlets of a tree." Sharon Dequer Discovering Nature

Can't wait to share more shots of birthday tender mercies with you soon! No snake pictures, sorry. I'm not yet that in tune with nature;)

With Love,

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Stephanie said...

Yesterday, I said HI to three red birds, a chipmunk & a squirrel. Actually, I told them "Lynley says HI." I figured that was appropriate. :)