Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Polka Dotted...

First things first. I have a complex about shirts like the one I wore in the photos above. I LOVE the look and want to wear them, but I always worry that I'm too short and they make me look pregnant. I'M NOT.

Well that was awkward.

Anyhow, a while ago I saw the most gorgeous photo of a quaint little home covered in polka dots. It just made me happy! Really, what could be cuter than that?! So, for Danny's 28th birthday I decided to cover our home in colorful polka dots, just for fun. Perhaps it wasn't the most masculine decor, but I think he liked it.

I think I would like to wake up one day and find that everything had turned to polka dots. Not permanently or anything, but just for a day or so. It's fun to think about. Random.


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