Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vintage Goodness and More...

Mom and Dad's basement is a treasure trove of vintage goodness. This darling picnic basket with charming handsewn vintage lining was a happy little find! I saw it and immediately thought of all the photo possibilities! YAY!

Sweet little Lincoln is such a good sport! First I put him on a suitcase, now in a picnic basket... what will I think of next? He just smiles and lets me take his picture like it's no big deal! He's sure a sweet little guy!

I attemped to take more basket photos with Miss Mauri over at the field; however, two slithery snakes later and I was rethinking my favorite location! I don't do snakes. Not at all! On the other hand, Mauri and Dolly were quite interested in their new creepy field friends.

Anywho... back to happier things, I've got two photoshoots booked this week and lots of scrapbooking projects in the works! Can't wait to share;)



Stephanie said...

Love those pictures!! Blinken is such a sweet little guy. How is it possible that he is so big, though? I've only been gone for a couple of weeks! Make sure you give him extra hugs for me and maybe show him pictures of Auntie Steph and Uncle John so he will know us when we come out again, ok? Thanks!!

Jeni C. said...

Love my little Lincoln boy! He's growing way too quickly!