Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Let the Sun Shine: Mini Album

American Crafts paper and embellishments
Custom album created by me;)

I had an idea. Why spend almost ten dollars buying one pre-made chipboard album when I can make dozens of them for the same price?! A trip to the "man-store" (Lowes) was in order. Danny was there to translate my idea into "man-speak." We simply bought one very large sheet of thin paneling and had the nice worker-man trim it down to size. He acted like he didn't want to at first, but I think he secretly loved using that giant saw...

Along with all the girls' camp books, yet to be photographed, I made a happy little album to keep our summer snapshots in. I love it! My plan is to add in a few more base pages and take some simple embellishments to El Salvador so that I can document some of my favorite moments while we are there. Scrapbooker Amy Tan is known for creating albums on site, and it seems really fun, so I'm gonna give it a try too! Can't wait to share with you!!

In other news, after months of anticipation and preparation, the girls are off to camp! I'll be joining them in a couple of days! Perhaps I can finally get some rest now;)

With Love,

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