Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Adventures of Lynley and Danny: Day 1 The Journey Begins

So as not to advertise so widely that our little home was empty, I didn't post our adventures in El Salvador here on my blog. We posted them on Danny's family blog and quite frankly, they're just to good for you to miss out on! So, despite the fact that this is two weeks past tense, I hope you'll enjoy the first installment of our El Salvador Adventures. I'll be posting real pictures soon;) 

PS: Danny wrote this one, and I gotta say... be prepared to laugh out loud! He's going to have to do a regular feature here because I just can't compare with his hilarious commentary. See for yourself!

After having a 2 hour delay in SLC we finally arrived in Denver.  We ran for at least 5 miles to get to the other end of the airport to catch our Houston connection.  We got to the gate just in time to wave goodbye to our plane as the Pilot looked out the windshield and thumbed his nose and laughed a maniacal laugh at us.  

We were booked on the next flight which landed in Houston 3 minutes before our flight to San Salvador departed. Again we donned our running flip flops, grabbed our luggage, and raced through yet another airport.  Lynley could not keep up with my amazing pace (though she did quite well at it for the first 2 miles, so I left her behind and ran ahead to stall the plane.  They were about to pull out so I stuffed a rag in the planes air-conditioning intake which took ground crews several minutes to retrieve, because their arms were shorter than mine so I could push it back further than they could reach.  This gave Lynley time to recover from her asthma in front of the Cinnabon and drag herself to our gate.  We were the last ones to board the plane!!!  We then made a rather uneventful flight to El Salvador and after a 2 hour final descent that took us over, around, and through a lightening storm we landed quite bumpily on the ground safe and relatively sound.

We then made our way through customs and found out that our rental car had been rented out prior to us arriving and all the other rental car companies had gone home for the night.  So we grabbed a taxi to take us the 20 minutes to San Salvador.  During this drive I realized I had not warned Lynley that there was a rather high population of stray dogs and other assorted animals that may or may not be smashed on the road.  She promptly brought this to my attention by squeezing my arm and crying as her face was buried in my chest as we felt the bump of our taxi hitting a middle aged muscrat.  (Low Point)

 Our taxi then took us on the midnight tour of the "finer" parts of San Salvadorian ghettos as he had forgotten which hotel he was taking us to.  We finally arrived and I helped Lynley get out from under the taxi seats where she was hiding and we checked into our hotel where they did not believe we had actually paid for our stay via Orbitz (We will take care of that tomorrow.)

Love, Danny and Lynley


Stephanie said...

It's still funny the 10th time I've read it. Props to your guest contributor! :) Glad you guys made it home safely and that you had such an amazing trip. I look forward to future updates.

Ali said...

Haha that is hilarious!