Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Good for you if you've made it through my last several "wordy" posts! That was as much as we managed to write while we were in El Salvador. We need to record everything soon, before the memories become fuzzy! We also need to download all our pictures! I'm dying to see them! Until than, just a quick happy card to share! I love the idea of a pretty little butterfly flitting about spreading joy!

Things that bring me joy right now:
Dolly taking a nap and snoring
Coldplay radio on Pandora
Lime-aids at Sonic and Iceberg
Seeing a post all about Miss Whitney here
Recent Hobby Lobby Purchases 
Playing Piano and singing with Mauri
Fresh garden veggies
Falling asleep in Danny's lap every night this week
Decorating our camp trailor--Grey, teal, and orange (photos to come)
Finding that one line that I know was just for me in this great talk

Hope your day is full of joy too!

With Love,

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