Monday, October 3, 2011

Day at the Beach, Sort of...

The whole time in El Salvador I was dying to set foot on the beach! I love the ocean, it's my happy place! We found out there was a new resort on the coast and decided to see if we could arrange to stay there our last night... no such luck. We stopped to look at several public beach's along the coast, but none of them seemed to create that carefree, blissful quality a day at the beach usually holds. Safety and sanitation were not strong-points; nevertheless, nothing can compare with the beauty of those strong and steady ocean waves.

I must admit, I was disappointed with the beaches in El Salvador, but looking back I've realized something interesting. On the surface the beachfront was not neatly manicured like those at a fine resort, but the waves and water were still the same. Life isn't always a day at a five-star resort, but the view can still be beautiful depending on what we choose to see.

With Love,


Stephanie said...

Love that imagery, LJ! Whether it's the beach at Turtle Bay, "our" beaches in Monterey/Carmel, Omaha Beach in Normandy, or la playa d' El Salvador, the waves still splash and the tide still rolls in and out. No matter where it is, I will always love the quiet and chaotic rhythms of the ocean. Even though I feel very small and insignificant when I'm standing on the beach, looking out at the waves and the far-off horizon, at the same time I'm also know that I am part of something even more far-reaching and eternal. Thanks for reminding me to think about this! :)

Becky said...

Visiting the ocean is such a calming experience for me. I could just sit for days and watch the waves roll in and out. I am always amazed at the beauty and power of the water. The setting always seems to provoke deeper thoughts in me. What a beautiful creation we have the honor of viewing!