Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Centro Market

Just a couple shots from the Centro Market in San Salvador. Talk about a real cultural experience! Such a contrast from the fancy malls we visited uptown. This is where the real shopping takes place! You can buy anything and everything there for a steal. I walked away with too many pairs of shoes, two sundresses, and a gorgeous apron like the native women wear.

Elsewhere, I've been following a darling new design blog called The Color Issue. Aarean of the Color Issue is so nice, and even left a comment on my last post. Her blog is gorgeous and has such a fun and fresh look! She's doing a giveaway for a free blog redesign! You should totally check it out! I've wondered all day what I'd do with this blog given the chance to start fresh... good luck to you, good luck to me!



Stephanie said...

Love the pics! I agree -- it's often way more fun (not to mention interesting) shopping where the "real people" shop.

Laura Nielson Baxter said...

Beautiful photos!