Friday, January 6, 2012

Life From the Passenger Seat: Wallsburg

Isn't this barn just the loveliest?! We took a little drive up to Wallsburg on Danny's day off. It was such a beautiful day! Can't wait to share some more photos of our adventure!

I've decided to make "Life From the Passenger Seat" a regular feature here from now on! Perhaps it may just become something all it's own;) It's kind of the perfect project/niche for me right now. I don't always have the energy to do photoshoots, but I just HAVE to get out and see life through the lens! Exploring is fun for both myself and Danny--he likes to drive and I like to observe. It gives me interesting things to photograph, while not overdoing it, like I'm prone to do when shooting for groups. I kind of see "Life from the Passenger Seat" as the Danny and Lynley Adventure Book, like from the movie UP. I'm rather looking forward to seeing where our little drives will lead... With Danny's sense of adventure and my eye for beauty, I think we'll have some good stories to tell, pictures to share, and pages to create.

PS: When on said drives I have an irrational fear of mountain lions jumping out of nowhere at the car. Really, I'm always on the lookout. Either that would make for some great pictures, or a rather tragic ending to our adventures.

With Love,


The Reynolds said...

Wallsburg is one of our very favorite drives! We even drove up through it on our first date (random, yes). I've loved it ever since!

Stephanie said...

I was always afraid of falling rocks. :)

Love the shots, LJ. There is something magical about old barns and fields, isn't there? I have a great picture that I took on a trip to Ohio/PA about seven years ago. To this day, it's one of my favorites.

Becky said...

If you see a Cougar in any of your adventures please get a picture! You should head up to Woodland there is some fabulous scenery.