Thursday, January 26, 2012

Quiet Comprehension

I've been looking for my voice. It seems to have gone missing. No, I'm not talking about the chronic strep infections I've been fighting, but more about an inability to adequately articulate my thoughts and feelings. Do you ever lose your voice in the midst of trials? It's not that I'm unaware of the things I'm being taught, but I just can't seem to vocalize the lessons I'm learning. Elder Maxwell said it beautifully here,

"...we sense that something special is happening in our lives but are not able to sort it out with sufficient precision and clarity that we can articulate it to someone else...We know more than we can tell! Sometimes the things we know take the form of knowledge about what is happening to us in life in which we sense purpose, in which we sense divine design, but which we cannot speak about with full articulateness. There are simply moments of mute comprehension and of mute certitude. We need to pay attention when these moments come to us, because God often give us the assurances we need but not necessarily the capacity to transmit these assurances to anyone else." But For a Small Moment, Elder Neil A Maxwell

I'm certain I'll find my voice again. I'll have more to say because of the lessons I'm learning right now.

With Hope,


Jenee said...

I love this picture Lynley! So beautiful and so home! I can relate in a small way the quiet comprehension. You are very good at putting emotions into words. I'm grateful for your words and your ability and choice to share those tender emotions and feelings inside. I'm also very appreciative of your talent for taking pictures that tell a story. I hope answers and understanding come soon. Jenee

Whitney said...

I love you Lynley! That is one of my favorites talks! In fact I have a very distinct memory of us sitting on the lawn by the pond at Close to My Heart and talking about that very quote. Elder Maxwell describes it so beautifully. I hope you have a happy day friend!

Stephanie said...

After reading your post, I had to download that talk. I try to listen to something every day to remind me that there is more to life than chaos and grading papers.

When I get frustrated and feel stuck, I sometimes think of the words to the hymn "Lead Kindly Light" -- "one step enough for me." Sometimes it takes a great deal of convincing myself, but I appreciate the reminder that there is One who has a greater perspective than I do -- an eternal perspective.

You are always so good to remind me about this too, LJ. Thank you for all you do. I love you!