Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Us: Me and You

I've been wanting to take pictures of Danny and I in a photo booth forever. This is us sitting in a booth taking a self portrait because apparently the photo booth was broken. Oh well. Looks like I managed to put that camera right in front of Danny's face... oops. At least it's a picture of both of us--aside from our engagement and wedding photos, we don't really have many pictures together. I guess I need to get out from behind the lens a little more often.

So... here's a resolution for 2012 that I think I can handle: take more pictures of us this year. (Try not to put the camera right in front of husband's face.)


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Spencer and Whitney said...

It was so fun to hear from you yesterday! I know what you mean about the whole pictures of us together thing. Luckily we had Chelsey snap a few when we went home for Christmas :). I love that you didn't let the fact that the photo booth was broken stop you from taking pictures. :) You guys are so cute!