Thursday, February 2, 2012

Life From the Passenger Seat: Sugar House

Back in October, Danny and I had to make a quick trip up to Sugar House-- a little city with lots of character. The homes are older, but are being renovated, updated, and brought back to life. I had a bit of time to explore the artsy neighborhood while Danny was working. There were so many colorful little homes with charming details --I was especially taken with the porch decorated with bunting made from vintage scarves. I even found some writing on the bricks of an old home. (10 Points if you remember the 1990's PBS television show Ghostwriter, and think that perhaps those words were clues in solving a mystery. Okay, maybe that was just me.) I snapped a few shots of the house number 6-22 because that's my birthday, so obviously those are lucky numbers.

Two things photography has taught me:
I like to explore.
I always find something interesting, noteworthy, and beautiful when I look a little closer.



Stephanie said...

I absolutely LOVE that neighborhood. I would be happy living in Sugarhouse . . . a ittle fo the busy traffic of 9th East. :)

I totally remember "Ghostwriter!" On another TV note, I was trying to explain "Wishbone" to John the other day. A dog solving mysteries and imagining himself as a character in books? I'm pretty sure he thought I was nuts.

Stephanie said...

"fo" a busy street? I totally meant off a busy street. It's hard to type with a Sookie cat on your lap!

Lynley Jill said...

Those were the days of high quality entertainment;) Hope you are having a happy day!!

Brett said...

I love Sugar House! It was where the old territorial prison was, and where polygamists were kept during the 1880s. There are some great pictures of many of the Brethren in jail stripes at the Sugar House prison. Of course this isn't why I love Sugar House though. As your pictures demonstrate, it is now a beautiful little suburban neighborhood :)