Friday, March 30, 2012

Scrapbooking A-Fair: Go Round

Sick of State Fair and city carnival pages yet? I hope not... cause I've got more to come. I love that these pages are all bright and cheerful with a vintage twist.. Something about a Merry-go-Round just makes me so happy! Perhaps because they remind me of carefree summer afternoons spent with my extended family at Lagoon; Perhaps because of the animals; Perhaps because of their vintage charm... I've just always loved them!

Miss M. also loves them... She thinks they are named after her--Mauri-go-Rounds. Last summer Brett and Jeni and I took Mauri to Summerfest during the day and the rides weren't up and going yet. I've never seen her so sincerely disappointed. Danny and Jeni and I took her back that night and she and I rode on the Mauri-go-round roosters. I made a journaling card telling the story of this particular day, but it didn't seem to fit on the page, so I just included it on the back.

Yesterday I was at Hobby Lobby and saw several of the books that I have artwork in for purchase. I've seen them there before, but for some reason yesterday I had a certain sense of accomplishment in it. Perhaps nobody else in the world knows or cares that those pages are mine, but it was a boost in confidence and a much needed reminder that I've had some great creative opportunities. I may just be a no-name scrapbooker now, but I can still develop and share my talents. Moments after seeing my artwork I happened to run into my good friend who I'm collaborating with on a new project. I got so excited for our project and for the opportunities it will bring. Good things ahead.


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Whitney said...

That is SO cute! Mauri-go-round! Love it!