Friday, March 9, 2012

A Little Noise Never Hurt

I rather like this photo of Mr Lincoln! It's a bit "noisy," but I quite like the effect. Noise in a photo refers to the visible film grain that occurs when you shoot at a high ISO. One thing I remember learning early on in my study of photography was that a little noise in a photo is generally preferable to using a harsh flash. It's a much more interesting and softer image of Lincoln than if I had kept the ISO low and shot with a flash. (Does any of this make sense? Sorry if I'm speaking in another language here...)

Everything I've learned about photography came from a one hour crash course class,  lots of reading and and studying, and three years of daily practice. I must say, three years later, I'm rather proud of myself! I look at my early pictures and see so many things I'd do differently now, but I still love them... they remind me of my eagerness to learn and my passion for composition. I've come a long way, and continue to learn new things all the time.

Lucky for me, I recently found a $100 bill that I had tucked away and forgotten from a Christmas bonus several years ago! That little bonus bought me a nice new prime 55 mm 1.8 lens! Can't wait to see what this little lens and I will do together!

With Love,


Jeni C. said...

love it! The boy and the photo!

Stephanie said...

Me too!! :)

mrs.d said...

So impressed with your diligence! WHERE did you find the 55 1.8??? I've been trying to find one since early December & having no luck with them being in stock! Any leads would be mucho appreciated! ~Mary

Lynley Jill said...

Hey Mary! I kind of lucked into it at Allens Camera in AF. It has been on backorder for months and they got 5 in last satuday. When I went in on Monday they only had one left. They said they should get more in soon though. I would call and ask if they know when the next shipment is. Good luck!! It's a fantastic lens!

Laura Nielson Baxter said...

What a fun surprise! Finding fogotten money (especial a $100 bill!) is awesome!