Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I introduced you to Instagram a few days ago, but I've been loving the Hipstamatic Ap on Danny's Iphone for a while now. You can choose from lots of different vintage film camera filters to create fun shots on-the-go. Here are just a few shots from our weekly Saturday night trip to the Mercado Latino. (We can't get enough of the fresh corn tortillas--they're GF, inexpensive, and so soft and delicious... I'll never buy them at the regular grocery store again!)

I've been wanting to take photos at the Latin Market for a while now, but it seemed a little silly to take my DSLR and wander around snapping away. (Hello silly Caucasian tourist in her own neighborhood. No thank you.) The camera phone was a perfect solution--convenient and much less conspicuous.  I took several more photos at the market, but need to upload them again... can't wait to share more soon!

Be back a bit later with photos of my first week of Project Life...



Stephanie said...

What a great idea for a fun afternoon out -- be a tourist in your own neighborhood! That's what I've been doing today with Mom and Dad and it's been a blast. :) I only got lost twice and made one wrong turn on a golf cart path. Go team!

Whitney said...

Oooh I love these! I'm excited to see your project life too! I just started also! It seemed like a good time to start being better at documenting the everyday little moments :).