Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Instagram: Vintage Photo Love

Instagram is now available for android phones--and I'm pretty excited about it!! It's a fun and free app with lots of great photo filters for your camera phone pictures. I'm rather excited about this for a few reasons...
1. So many scrapbooking possibilities!
2. You can't always take your DSLR everywhere, but you still want to capture the moment
3. The photo filters have that vintage flair that you know I love so much

I snapped the above Instagram photo of my DSLR last night--I rather like the hint of red toile in the corner. Very vintage, very Lynley.

I can't wait to take some fun shots, order some prints, and get creative!

PS: I'm excited to share my new business collaboration with you soon--the big launch is in the works and we already got our first sale!! Wahoo!


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Stephanie said...

As one who is already "in the know" about your business venture, may I just say WAHOO! That's so awesome you already have a sale lined up. Can't wait to hear about the details when you make the official announcement. :)