Thursday, May 3, 2012

Life Lately, According to Instagram

Life lately has included lots of sewing, lots of time outside with Dolly, and lots of bicycle rides with Danny.

1. Finished the tree skirt I started last December--Hey, I'm just really ahead of time for Christmas 2012
2. Made a little summer dress for Miss M
3. Rode our bike to the Mall for a lovely GF dinner at PF Changs (Thanks to Steph and John and Danny's work for the gift cards!!)
4. Danny tied up our leftovers on the back of the bike for our ride home. (By the time we finished dinner the sun had gone down, it was a very cold and windy ride!)
5. Dolly sticking her head through the fence to say hello to the neighbor dogs. Social butterfly.
6. Beautiful evening sunset (parking lot at Joanns Fabric Store)
7. Sewing project for our Tent Trailer--Decorating in Teal and Orange. Also rather temped to make myself a shirt... ($1.50 a yard at Walmart! Great price Right?! Leave some teal and orange for me;)
8. Fancy yellow chevron fabric remnant on sale for $5.00. Not sure what this is for yet... but at that price, we needed it. Grey fabric for a maxi skirt I'm making tomorrow. Damask Project Life Album.

Love the little aspects of life I can capture with my handy camera phone. Perfect for Project Life and scrapbooking the real stuff!



Stephanie said...

Love the PF Changs on your bike! How ingenious of you guys to ride to the mall. :) I also love the picture of DollBbear chatting with the neighbor dogs. She is too cute!

I didn't know you were making skirts and dresses -- how cool! I'd love you to do one for me if you have time. I will send you dosh for fabric!!!

Love you. :)

Laura Nielson Baxter said...

Fun projects! I love that you're so ahead for Christmas this year :)