Friday, June 15, 2012

Reading, Writing, (No Arithmetic)

I've been busy working away on my latest album for Peachie's Photo Parlour. It's grey and yellow with a vintage theme... secretly I want to keep it make a similar one for myself to have at my birthday party--we shall see about that;)

With all the work I've been doing for Peachie's, I've been itching to scrapbook something for myself!! So as I've been putting together my album, I managed to work a little here and there on this happy page about Miss M. I love the teal, pink, and grey color scheme ever so much! That small grey chevron by Bella BLVD is my favorite paper of the moment; and that pastel plaid may or may not be ten years old... (My name is Lynley J, I am a scrapbooking supply hoarder.) I'll post more details about this page later today over at my scrapbooking blog.

While this page is all about Miss M's love of reading, as I was creating it, I was thinking all about writing--more specifically, my handwriting. I'm rather insecure about my handwriting--I've think it's kind of messy and unpredictable. We weren't allowed to hand-write on anything as studio artists at CTMH; typed journaling was mandatory! I got in the habit of thinking that my handwriting did NOT belong on my scrapbooking pages. While I like the polished look of printed words, there's also something a bit stuffy about it. There's something more personal and sincere about taking the time to record our stories in our own personal handwriting. So... despite my insecurities, I've really been trying to force myself to embrace my own handwriting and use it more on my artwork.

Yesterday as I was outside photographing this page, my neighbor walked by and stopped to comment on how much she like my handwriting! Really?! I was blown away and completely encouraged! I thanked her and told her I'd probably write that in my journal, as it was such a surprising and welcome compliment. Noted.

PS: The lovely Shimelle just posted a great little video all about using your own handwriting on scrapbooking pages here. Check it out!


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Stephanie said...

Love the page! I like to think I helped Miss M get started on that journey towards reading with her first trip to library story-time at 6 months old. :)

Read a couple of books and snuggle with her for me, k?

Sending happy thoughts and birthday-week wishes your way!