Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We Don't Belong Here...

Just a few shots from our evening out in Las Vegas. Danny and I both love the Bellagio fountains and wanted to venture out to see them... Unfortunately, we arrived a little later than we had planned on, and being out on the streets after dark was not very comfortable for either of us. I kept looking for someone else who looked like us, and you know what? I never found anyone. Turns out, Las Vegas BLVD is not a place either of us wanted to be after dark. We both felt that we did not belong there and made our way back to the hotel as quickly as we could. Danny always says, "God made us so we don't fit in where we don't belong."

Note to self: next time you are passing through Las Vegas, arrive early enough to be back at the hotel before dark. You'll appreciate it.


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Stephanie said...

Vegas is a different beast at night, that's for sure. Talk about the conflict of being in the world but not of it -- that's us in Vegas. :)