Thursday, August 30, 2012

Life From the Passenger Seat

I always try to keep my camera handy when heading out and about. Danny does the driving, and I document the journey. Of course, when shooting from a moving vehicle you don't really have a lot of time to adjust your camera settings; not every shot will be properly exposed, but sometimes you can really get an interesting photograph. I love the soft focus and motion blur that occurs when shooting from the passenger seat. Dreamy.

PS: I call it "Life From the Passenger Seat," Danny prefers "Drive-by Shooting." ;)



Stephanie said...

Oh Danny! ;) Love the pic, babe, whatever you decide to call the process of getting it. :)

Jenee said...

Drive-by Shooting . . . has a little different ring to it. I think I see the most amazing things while driving in the car. Unfortunately, lately it has been while I am driving -not very easy/safe to capture those moments while driving. Love this picture!