Monday, August 13, 2012

Photo a Day: Catching Up

Day 7: 8:00: We were picking beans over at the farm at 8:00 PM. There was the most spectacular sunset! The sun was crimson red and the sky looked so tropical! (Hate the wildfires, love the sunsets!)
Day 8: Glasses: A peek in the Johnson's cupboard. Love the Tupperware!!
Day 9: Messy: Sadly it wasn't hard to find a photo for this prompt. Just a peek at a corner of the table.
Day 10: Ring: I thought it would be fun to remember that the London Olympics were going on this day
Day 11: Purple: A creative twist... Red+Blue= purple.
Day 12: Spoon Just some of the spoons in Mom's drawer. Wasn't too inspired on this one.



Laura Nielson Baxter said...

The spoons photo is my favorite one from the bunch. Love it!

Sherri said...

I loved the spoons too: a great variety and that it's from your Mom's house. I'm sure each one could bring back great memories - baking with the measuring spoons, stirring delicious pots of dinner with the wooden spoon, feeding Miss Mauri or Lincoln with the baby spoon, many a meal (food and conversation) remembered with the teaspoon, etc. etc. I have many fond memories of cooking, baking, preserving and eating meals at my Mom's house and your Mom's house too. Thanks for all the great photos!