Friday, August 24, 2012

Photo a Day: Catching Up

I've been going strong with the photo a day project this month--haven't missed a day yet! Some prompts have been much more interesting to me than others, but overall it has been a fun creative challenge. A few of these shots I love; a couple of them, not so much... but all together I think they really give a fun glimpse into my life! I can't wait to print them all up and put them in a little  Photo a Day August mini album!

13: Simple: Loving fresh garden tomatoes with salt these days!
14: Arrow: Work in progress
15: Ready: A completed photoshoot off for delivery. I'll have to post photos soon!
16: Food: Gluten and Dairy free hamburger. Veggie cheese slices, not so bad.
17: Faces: At the El Salvador restaurant to celebrate the one year anniversary from our trip
18: Inside: Just the inside of a cool wire candle holder. I was stuck on this one.
19: Hole: Flat tire on the trailer.
20: Today: Desktop calendar.
21: Cool: Our swamp cooler does a great job in this heat!
22: Home: While this is a pretty straightforward interpretation, I love that it shows the here and now!
23: Pair: In the kitchen

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Laura Nielson Baxter said...

Nice! I love the way your photo project is turning out.