Monday, August 20, 2012

Telling Your Story: Little Details

Those little hands clutching the bucket swing and that wide mouthed toothy grin--these are the details I love! While it's important to step back and show the bigger picture, don't forget to look a little closer... One of my favorite tricks for scrapbooking multiple photos on a single layout is to combine shots taken from a variety of angles. I've found that simply using either the close-up or the wide shot isn't quite as interesting as combining both perspectives. The same rule goes for arranging photos in a grouping on a gallery wall... Think of the wide shot as the title of your story and the close-ups as the development of the plot and characters. It's the little details that really tell the story!


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Stephanie said...

Love the tongue hanging out of his mouth! That is so cute!! These detail shots are amazing -- they really fit in together to tell a great story. Thanks for the smiles!