Thursday, December 13, 2012

12-12-12 Daily Dozen

To celebrate 12-12-12 I joined up with Dear Lizzy's Daily Dozen Challenge and took a dozen photos throughout the day. And yes, there's a baker's dozen here, because as you can see, I really liked the holiday bokeh photos...

1. Most of the day was spent right there at my messy desk, finishing up another custom guestbook for Peachie's Photo Parlour. It turned out to be one of my favorites!

2. I have a really cute story to share about the day Danny and I went to get that tinsel. We were in the right place at the right time to help someone in need. Stay tuned for that in an upcoming post.

3. Miss Dolly needed a run outside, so we took a short break to play ball in Nana and Papa's back yard. Love Love Love my fuzzy baby.

4. My new favorite yellow shoes. They make the winter so much more cheerful.

5/6. Mom is making the CUTEST little presents for her nursery children. I just love her hands. Despite their limited use, she still manages to use them to create, serve, and nurture those around her.

7. Working on our Christmas Card. I can't wait to print these babies up and dress up the packaging!

8. Dairy Free Hot Chocolate. Trying my hardest to get more calories in these days. Baby wanted extra marshmallows on top;)

9. Our Christmas Village and mason jar snow globes. I love the vintage color scheme we used this year!

10/11. I've been wanting to create my own Bokeh filter for a while now. I just cut a small heart into a piece of black paper, covered my lens, and adjusted the manual focus. Such a cute and simple photo trick!

12. I absolutely love our pink and teal tree! Since we won't be able to find out the gender of our baby until the week after Christmas, I think those ornaments might be part of our announcement;) SO looking forward to that!

13. And just a little more festive Bokeh for a Baker's Dozen...



Monica said...

So fun! I love the way the lights on your tree ended up looking like hearts! :) Can't wait to hear the gender of Baby Johnson. Hope you're feeling as well as possible.

Anonymous said...

Love the way your pics turned out for your 12.12.12 day! Beautiful. Congrats on your's so exciting! I just recently found out that my younger sister and BIL are having a boy for their second baby coming (they have a 2-yr-old daughter). Take care of yourself and best wishes to you and your family!