Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pretty Yellow Shoes

It was Valentines Day 2009 that I fell in love! Clearance. One pair. My size. The most adorable little yellow shoes I'd ever seen. It was meant to be! These shoes and I went through a lot together. We walked some lonely roads, wound up in a few storms, and got some scuffs along the way. Happily, together we found our way back to better and brighter days. They were my favorite accessory and the wear and tear I'd put on them was really starting to show. Sadly, I accidently left them out after a long day and my curious Cocker Spaniel Dolly found them to be a very nice new chew toy. I told Shanon at work of my misfortune and tried to move on. Danny and I spent a good portion of last weekend looking for a suitable replacement. It was a rather disappointing attempt.

Here's were the story gets good! Wednesday night I got a text from Shanon asking my shoe size. I supposed maybe she was looking for some shoes to dress up a Halloween costume or something. She replied that she had found a pair of yellow shoes similar to mine. I thought surely it couldn't be the same pair or that they wouldn't have my size, but the next morning, there they were on my desk at work. The exact same pair of pretty yellow shoes I'd grown to love so much! Of all things, she and her daugther Kaytee had been thrifting and found them. One pair. My size. Bright, Shiny, and new! It made my day!

Does the Lord send tender mercies in the form of yellow shoes? Why not? Maybe he knew I needed them just a little longer. I wasn't quite ready to let go. I believe there are some exciting new adventures those shoes and I still have ahead of us! Perhaps the real tender mercy was a friend who listened and had her eyes and heart open to helping create a little miracle for me that day. Thank you Shanon, for the shoes and so much more. They mean a lot to me.

Oh, and by the way, my shoes don't ever get left out anymore;) Sorry Dolly.

With hope, L

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