Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It was Magical!

Last night was Danny's work party at The Grand America Hotel in downtown SLC. I'm so in love with the elegant decor and ambiance of this posh hotel. Everything was absolutely stunning and not a detail was missed. It made for a perfect night out with my Danny!

The party was lots of fun and the dinner was amazing! They even made a special gluten and dairy free dish just for moi! Salmon, roasted potatoes, asparagus, and carrots...YUM!! I felt spoiled. I was so appreciative of the extra work they went to just for me! A thank you note is definitely in order.

I may or may not have even done a little karaoke in front of Danny's whole company. Let' s just say though I thought my karaoke days may be over, "Oops, I did it Again." Danny was a good sport and I sure hope I didn't embarrass him too much in front of his coworkers.

Did I mention the decor?! Oh the decor! It was magical. The chandeliers, architecture, and landscaping are just exquisite. The holiday displays made me squeal with delight! Glitter, lights, apothecary jars full of Christmas goodness...Ah, it was a happy place for Lynley!

I'm off to work on my Daily December album and totally inspired! Can't wait to share:)

With love,

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Alisunny said...

Hey Lynley! Ali here! Just wanted to let you know that I know have a blog. The address is Love ya tons!