Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Quiet Heart

I've had a lot on my mind lately. I wrote a nice fluffy post about decorating gingerbread-men, but I couldn't ignore the urge to share something a little more personal instead. Have you ever been through challenges or growing experiences so personal and poignant that the very nature of them requires endurance that is quiet and inward? Elder Maxwell explains it so beautifully like this,

"...we sense that something special is happening in our lives but are not able to sort it out with sufficient precision and clarity that we can articulate it to someone else...We know more than we can tell! Sometimes the things we know take the form of knowledge about what is happening to us in life in which we sense purpose, in which we sense divine design, but which we cannot speak about with full articulateness. There are simply moments of mute comprehension and of mute certitude. We need to pay attention when these moments come to us, because God often give us the assurances we need but not necessarily the capacity to transmit these assurances to anyone else." But For a Small Moment, Elder Neil A Maxwell

There was a time when life changed dramatically for me. Answers to prayers and revelations were clear and strong. I knew the direction down the right path and was determined to follow. Opposition seemed to face me on every side and it has been a great test of faith to see things through. Throughout some of them most difficult days there was often the tendency to want to explain myself, to rid myself of the frustration of feeling misunderstood. The Lord blessed me with the opportunity of learning to meet such trials with a quiet and open heart. Endurance and faith continue to see me through. I've learned things I never could have known without experiencing a measure of suffering. While I wish I could convey them in an adequate manner, it is enough to have the assurance of these truths myself.

I'm not sure if anyone else has felt like this or if it even makes sense, but these are the things my heart wanted to say, so I listened.

With hope,

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Whitney said...

It TOTALLY makes sense! I love that quote by Elder Maxwell and think about it often. We know more than we can tell... so true, and so beautifully put! I appreciate the reminder. Thanks for sharing sweet friend!