Tuesday, January 11, 2011

El Quelite, Mexico

I'm not crazy about winter. I've grown up in Utah and should be rather used to it by now. However, on cold days like today, I can't help but daydream about someplace warm and sunny. I miss my shorts and flip flops!

Despite my disdain for the cold weather, I got to work in my studio and pulled out some of the brightest colors in my stash. Sometimes we have to create our own sunshine! I think this little page did just the trick! It's feeling warmer already. Okay, it's still 11 degrees outside, but you get the picture.

Thought I'd share a glimpse of our day-trip to sunny El Quelite, a charming little town about 45 minutes outside of Mazatlan, Mexico. The streets are unpaved, the homes are humble yet very bright and attractive, and the people sit on their porches and talk to passersby... it was like something out of a movie. I even saw wild donkeys and goats roaming about. It was just delightful! Wishing you some sunshine and cheerfulness on this cold winter day!

With Hope,


Whitney said...

I LOVE the birds on a wire! How cute! I love seeing all the cute pages you make, I really need to do some scrapbooking too, you've inspired me.

Becky said...

I would love to get my space organized so I can create.....one day!

Shanon said...

Oh SO PRETTY! Hooray for using any darn color combo you please!!! :) (I am quite jealous.) Love you!-shan