Monday, January 3, 2011

A Heavy Heart

I see things. While some may say I'm sensitive or worry to much, my heart aches when others are are hurting. I can't just close my eyes to such things. This weekend had a lot of great moments that I anticipate sharing, but today my heart is heavy. Friday night Danny and I helped chaperone a multi-stake New Years Eve youth dance. We had fun, we danced, we enjoyed the music; it was a good night. However, I couldn't help but ache for so many of the youth in attendance. So many memories of those awkward teenage years came flooding back. I couldn't help but notice the shy kids, their nervous expressions gave them away instantly. I saw the pretty girls who knew they were pretty. I saw the outcasts, I saw the lonely, I saw the brokenhearted. I saw a few perfectly content individuals who knew how to have fun and include others. I saw one boy who completely melted my heart. He sought out the lonely, the shy, and the outcast. He asked the girls who stood alone to dance. He understood how to be happy. He understood it wasn't about him. I remember being in those kid's shoes. It was so interesting to see things with perspective. I wondered if perhaps a chaperone looked at me ten or fifteen years ago and made similar observations. Most likely.

I gained some interesting perspective into a teenager's life over the weekend. I won't get into personal details, but I will simply say that my heart is broken. My heart aches for the youth. I feel a heavy burden to help them know the truth. They need to know their Savior. They need to know that the only true happiness in life is through following Jesus Christ. They need to know how deeply he loves them. I'm doing my best to help the young women feel the Spirit, to help them feel loved. While voices of negativity and doubt may tell me I am failing, I know somehow things will work out. The Lord will magnify my abilities and make weak things become strong. I know the Lord has prepared me for this calling. He understands the needs of each individual. He will guide me to know how to serve them. He has blessed me with the gift to see things. I know he will continue to help me see their needs, their struggles, their gifts, and their potential.

With hope,

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