Tuesday, January 4, 2011

There is Beauty all Around

Sunday was an emotional day. I needed to get away and clear my mind. I asked Danny if we could go for a drive up the canyon. Although it was just a few minutes from home, it was like escaping into another world, like something out of a fairy-tale. The winter frost was exquisite; everything so still, so pure, so clear. The sun glimmered off the ice-encrusted evergreens and mountain ridges in utter magnificence. It was soul-stirringly beautiful.

Danny always says I'm like a Disney princess. I love nature and seeing wildlife in their natural habitat. It's kind of a unique gift, if I say I want to see an animal, a shooting star, or something of that nature, I always do. I look for them. I notice the slightest movements on the mountainside, and can detect even a well-camouflaged critter. I watch the sky and refuse to look away until that star makes its appearance above. Like Snow White or Cinderella, I may or may not just break into a song and dance filled with delight in the world around me.

I think of these moments as tender mercies, not coincidences. I think they are deeply tied to my faith. I believe Heavenly Father knows how much I love his creations, and he likes to share them with me. It's a special gift that many people don't understand. I've been told I'm silly and people have scoffed at this part of me, but I feel it is special. I hold it sacred, and even sharing it here makes me feel a little uneasy. I feel it's important, however for you to understand that part of me in order to explain why our Sunday drive was so special.

As noted above, Sunday was a very hard day. I needed divine help. As soon as we entered the canyon, peace filled my heart. The world was beautiful again. As we turned to drive towards the Sundance resort, I spotted four elk. This was exciting! Soon after, I thought I saw a black bear. I was convinced of it! My bear turned out to be a stately moose, but I was still very happy to see him! I saw another moose and five more elk along the way home. I felt uplifted and enlivened!

This little drive reminded me that Heavenly Father knows me perfectly. He knew I would just love to see those animals and the beautiful winter landscape. I had to be willing to get outside to see them though. If I had crawled into bed and given way to the discouragement I faced, I wouldn't have seen the beauty God had created for me. I would have missed out on that connection with my Father in Heaven. I have always loved the Primary song "My Heavenly Father Loves Me" . It says so perfectly what is in my heart. Actively seeking and appreciating the beauty around us can restore hope and fill our hearts with our Father's love.

With love,


Tessa said...

Beautiful post and pictures. I believe too that God has different ways to bring each of us peace. Thank you for sharing!!

Whitney said...

I am a witness to your gift for spotting cute critters! It is amazing how nature is so healing to the soul. I certainly don't miss the snow, but looking at your lovely pictures reminded me how beautiful the world is, even in darker, colder times.

Sherri said...

That's one of my favorite Primary songs too! Thanks for your beautiful way of sharing on this blog.