Monday, January 24, 2011


I am a daydreamer. Just this morning I was swept away with visions of bicycling about the streets of Paris in the springtime. While my dreams of far off places are enchanting, I must say, life right here is pretty wonderful itself. Thought I'd share a little story about a beautiful day in my own home town.

I drove with the windows down, enjoying a gentle breeze. As I approached a familiar street, one I'd traveled many times before, I saw something wonderfully beautiful. Something so simple, yet it took my breath away. Growing up in an agricultural community, it's not uncommon to see lawns flooded with irrigation water on any given day. I'd seen it before, but this time it was different. I could see the reflection of the beautiful mountains and sky above painted across the thirsty grass. It was like something Monet himself might have dreamed up in a watercolor masterpiece. I quickly pulled over, grabbed my camera, and began snapping photos of the lovely scene.

Here's where the story really begins. The owner of the property must have noticed a strange girl outside taking photos in her yard. She came out and asked what I was doing there. In my most innocent voice, I explained that I was driving by and just thought the reflection in the water was so pretty, I had to stop and take a picture. She looked at me with a puzzled face, turned to look at the reflection in her own front yard, and than looked back at me again. I was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable and getting ready to leave when she finally spoke.

"Do you know I have lived her for thirty years and we've irrigated this lawn a hundred times. I've never appreciated anything about this process. I've never seen how beautiful it was until today. Thank you for showing me."

She than walked away and went inside. I decided to snap a few more photos because the clouds were moving and it was becoming increasingly impressive. I couldn't resist. A few moments later, the owner retuned with a disposable camera. She came and stood by me and we took pictures together, two strangers enjoying a perfectly magical moment with one another.

I suppose I was a bit of an unexpected intruder, but the scenery was just so lovely I couldn't pass by without taking a moment to appreciate it. I was impressed with the woman's willingness to see for herself what I had noticed that day. I wonder how many times I miss these simple beauties myself. It's a good reminder to step outside your own front door and really look at the world before you. While my heart may long to see far off places and often daydreams about the big world out there, there are so many simply wonderful things right here at home. I hope you'll take a moment with me and notice the things that make life beautiful in your own world today:)

With love,

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Whitney said...

What a great story, Lynley. I remember you telling me about this when it happened, but I don't think I ever got to see the picture. It's lovely.