Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oh Doll Doll!

Allow me to indulge myself in a pet owner's blogging moment. I love my little Doll Doll! She is such a good puppy. She knows lots of tricks and always obeys well... most of the time;) Dolly is quite protective of me and if she had her way, she'd sleep at my feet every night. For the first three months of marriage Danny begged me for a dog everyday. I am an animal person, no doubt about that, but I kept telling him we should wait till we were more settled. As you can see, that argument didn't last too long. Within hours of getting her though, she had my heart completely. She's MY dog and I love her. Sorry Danny for stealing your pet.


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Whitney said...

She is so adorable! Little fuzzy friends are the greatest! Hopefully she and Lizzy can meet someday.