Thursday, February 10, 2011

Celebrate Love

I've made a collection of Valentines Day images that I thought I'd share here and there over the next few days. You might remember the heart I discovered in the wall of ivy at Spark the Event a few months ago. By simply pushing back a few limbs, I unveiled a beautiful heart just waiting to be discovered. People started taking photos immediately and I ended up seeing it on a bunch of blogs after the event;) In keeping with the feeling of the season, let's take a moment today and push aside whatever it is that keeps our hearts hidden. I'm excited to approach the day with an open heart, celebrating life and love.

This just in:

A quick update on my Studio 5 contest project: I wasn't a finalist this time (sigh) but they have a posted some of their favorites on the Studio 5 Facebook page. (I just googled studio 5 tv facebook and it took me right there.) On the left-hand side of the page under photos is a link that says $5 challenge. Click on it and you'll see the photo of my rustic chandelier along with some other awesome entries. Thanks to all of you Facebookers out there who have left such nice comments on my project and if you are new here to my blog, thanks for stopping by! Looking forward to sharing some really fun ideas I have up my sleeve... good things to come:)

With Love,

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Cynthia Ludlow said...

I just happened across your blog and I love it. Hope you are doing well. Love Cindee