Wednesday, February 9, 2011

S & J Guest Book

Stephanie and John: Wedding Guest Book. Of course you know I'll have to add more pages with wedding photos! I left a few blank spots for Steph and John to do their own journaling. I'm also planning on doing some hand stitching on several of them, but there was only so much time before the wedding! Point is, if a couple of the pages look incomplete... it's because they are;) Embrace my quest for im-perfectionism! I gotta say, they were a bit different than my usual style, but I like how they turned out:) I especially love the little dictionary paper flowers I created for my literary-minded sis. Thanks Steph and John for letting me do the photos and pages! Enjoy!


Whitney said...

Beautiful! I LOVE it! Did you take those pictures of them too? Those are so cute!

Jenee said...

Wow Lynley!!! You are so amazing! These pages are awesome!

Becky said...

they turned out lovely. All I can say is" Great Minds" on the pleated ribbon for the event.