Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Looking Up Page

In case you needed more evidence: Yes, my name is Lynley, and I'm obsessed with balloons. Whitney and I had so much fun doing our big balloon photoshoots over a year and a half ago. Perhaps you'll see new ballooning adventures soon. Wink wink;)

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Hand crafted flowers
Geometric patterns: generally one bold color paired with a neutral
Typewriter Journaling 

I'm all about finding creative and thrifty solutions to keeping up with the trends. I don't have a polaroid camera, but easily created the look by backing a small photo with white cardstock.  

Take note of the fabulous red geometric patterned paper, designed by my talented friend Lindsay at Pebbles INC. I've been hoarding a bunch of her paper forever and I'm so excited to have time to play with it!

In case you're still reading, I've got a fun idea I can't wait to share with you soon!

With Love,


Spencer said...

I LOVE this page! It makes me want to get my supplies out! I just haven't had time lately darn it. What I really need is a scrapbooking/photography buddy :). We are going to Utah for a family reunion this summer, when we come I hope to get to visit you too!

Spencer said...

Sorry! It's Whitney again. I'm sure you probably figured that though...

Becky said...

Love the colors!

sarahsue said...

So adorable!