Thursday, March 17, 2011

Whole Wide World

I'm so excited! Mindy Gledhill's new video, "Whole Wide World" released today! Danny can tell you, I listen to her CD over and over, and than all over again. Her lyrics are positive and uplifting. Mindy's music has the power to make me sing and dance, and yet it has often brought me to tears with its sincerity.

"Whole Wide World" has been a theme song of sorts for my life over the last 6 months. I'm a nerd, but I totally set it to play when I got in the car to drive away from my job for the last time. I got to hear Mindy sing at Spark the Event last September, and her words spoke to my soul. I knew I needed to make a change and this song encouraged me to have the confidence to do it. She talks about running as far as it takes to find your dreams, taking chances, and finding meaning in the struggles. "Maybe I'm just a little girl, a little girl with great big plans." It's like she wrote it for me;)

Remember that time I left my job to de-stress, get healthy, and live my dreams... and than I got called as Young Women President two weeks later;) It's a lot of work and takes both a physical and emotional tole on me at times, but I've always felt that the Young Women program would be an important part of my life. I know despite the challenges, it's part of Heavenly Father's plan for me. Mindy's song has taken on more meaning for me while serving with the Young Women. I wish those girls could see their potential. I want them to know the great influence one virtuous girl can have in this great big world.

So, I keep listening to my theme song... Reminding myself to move forward, letting myself rest when I need to, and looking for the good in the world around me.

Enjoy the video!!

With Hope,

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