Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Miss Mischief!

Dolly: "Mauri left her chocolate milk out! I've never eaten in my whole life. Here's my one chance."
Me: "I know that's totally disgusting, and I should discipline her, but it's too cute not to take a picture first!"

Dolly: "I didn't do it! I promise! I was just resting my head on the table, honest!"
Me: "Did I get that shot? Yes!" Now to show off my excellent pet parenting skills..."Dolly! Are you up at the table again?! You get down right now!"

Priorities people. It's all about getting the shot!

With Love,


Jenee said...

That second picture is priceless. Lynley, I think you got it at the perfect moment! She sure is cute! It would be difficult for me to discipline too hard when she just looks so stinkin' cute!

Spencer said...

That is too funny. "I've never eaten in my whole life" seriously had me giggling out loud. It is funny how they are so endearing even when they are being a little bit naughty.

Spencer said...

Oh for the love of chicken you would think I could remember to sign in under my own name. From now on just know that spencer= really whitney.