Friday, March 18, 2011


There are lots of little ones on their way this Spring. I get to be an auntie to baby "Blinkin" in May! That's what Mauri calls her soon-to-be brother, Lincoln. She also still thinks "Blinkin" is a pony... so that should be a fun adjustment;)

I wanted to do something simple for a couple of my friends who are due next month. I remembered I'd made some cute little onesies a couple of years ago. I thought the pear would be perfect for a springtime baby girl. I only had girly designs on hand, so I fashioned the little fishy for my friend Erin, who calls her baby boy "Guppy."

Looking forward to all those chubby cheeks and getting to be the auntie who loves and spoils them;)

With Love,

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Becky said...

They are even more cute in person!