Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just for Fun!

This little card came together so fast! I LOVE it! It's bright and cheerful... and just plain FUN!

Sometimes I worry that I'm not a very fun person... I'm pretty good at being serious and sincere... but letting loose is a bit more risky. In an attempt to convince myself otherwise, here is a little list of fun things I've been up to lately...

  1. Galavanting about Park City pretending to be fancy in my $12 Target fedora and big sunglasses
  2. Chasing the beavers along the roadside making silly noises at them
  3. Covering our home in colorful polka dots for Danny's birthday (I'll post photos soon!)
  4. Surprising Danny with a drive-in-movie date watching UP on my laptop and sharing grape sodas
  5. Coloring Easter Eggs with Jeni, Danny, and Mauri
  6. Helping put Mauri's hair clips in her uncles/papa's hair (It's easy to be fun with her around!)
  7. Singing and doing the actions to Popcorn Popping with Danny for Family Home Evening
  8. Playing ball with Dolly
Well... that is all I can think of. I suppose I'm not entirely dull. Phew! Time to go have more fun! Okay, I'll be cleaning, doing laundry, and preparing for this week's Young Women activity... but I may just whistle while I work;)

With Hope,

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Whitney said...

Oh my Lynley, you are DEFINITELY a lot of fun. Remember that time we bought a bag of carrots just to feed the ponies? Or the time we borrowed those surfers board for our photo shoot? Or the time we paraded all around town with a giant red balloon? I know what you mean though, because until people know me well, they have no idea how silly I really am. :)