Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Miss Mauri

Who said Tonka Trucks were only for little boys? Good thing her uncles had so many fun toys just waiting for someone to uncover and bring to life again! Lest you worry, I assure you she also loves dolls, ponies, and all-things-girly too;)

I've been re-listening to Conference, because I just wasn't ready for it to end. It seemed like everything was especially for me. I loved what Elder Oaks had to say about desires, and what Elder Bednar shared about light. I loved Elder Nelson's talk on faith, and Elder Scott's tender thoughts on love and marriage. I loved President Monson's inspired words on the blessings of the temple. Elder Cook's talk on the importance of women in the church brought me to tears. I could go on. The Lord truly spoke to me through his prophets.

I have lots of thoughts I'm tempted to share right now, but I think for the moment I'll continue pondering, listening, and learning.

With Love,

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